172 acres of this offering are in the NYS 480a Forestry Program.

What is the 480a Forestry Program

The New York Forest Tax Law Program (commonly called “480-a” after the section of the tax code relating to it) is a property tax reduction program. Participation is voluntary, and you must own at least 50 acres of woods in adjoining properties in New York to be eligible. 480-a lowers your taxes by exempting up to 80% of the assessed value of enrolled acreage from property taxes.  (See complete details here.)

The 480a program requires a management plan prepared by a professional forester and approved by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  The plan is active and requires limited, but annual, interaction from the landowner. Forest harvesting is possible within the guidelines established by the forest management program.

The 480a Forestry Program limits building and tree cutting, but does not limit hunting, hiking, or other uses of the land. You may enjoy all the acres, AND you can even cut firewood for your own use (check with the forester and management plan for exact details).

Contact our office for further details.